Recommendations at Fujikawa Rakuza

View of World Heritage Mt. Fuji

  • We are proud of the beautiful view of World Heritage Mt. Fuji. However, throughout the year Mt. Fuji can only be fully seen about 40% of the time. Please try your luck at seeing the full view of Mt. Fuji here. Additionally, the FUJI TERRACE on the 2F is recommended for those wishing to take photographs of the mountain. A combination of the view of Mt. Fuji and the Fujikawa River [One of the three fastest rivers in Japan] is prized by many photographers. This is one of the few service areas for enjoying the view of Mt. Fuji along the TOMEI Highway. (About World Heritage Mt. Fuji)


  • Delicious seafood from Suruga Bay can be enjoyed here. We offer a local delicacy [Shirasu] which are young sardines about 2cm in length. The special shirasu from [Tago no Ura] come from the ocean to our market in just 15 minutes to ensure maximum freshness. We also offer [Sakura Ebi(Sakura Shrimp)], a popular shrimp with unique texture and distinct ocean fragrance that can only be caught in Suruga Bay.

Mountain Food

  • The city of Fuji, blessed with mild weather, good landscape, and rich soil is well-known for teas of excellent quality and flavor. We offer more than 50 kinds of tea, from gift packages to your personal enjoyment. Please take the time to enjoy this very important aspect of Japanese food culture. Also, many people gather at and enjoy our farmer's market to buy locally grown products such as [Citrus unshiu], kiwi, and fresh vegetables.